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Why should I Demand a Carbon Monoxide Test?

It's About Your Health, Safety and Comfort

Carbon monoxide, even in small quantities can cause serious health problems, particularly in child and the elderly.  Millions of unsuspecting homeowners are exposed to low levels of CO and don’t even know it.  Unfortunately U.L. Listed CO alarms don’t go off until your family has been exposed to 70ppm (parts per million) for over 3-1/2 hours!  Most international limits for unsafe levels, including OSHA and the World Health Organization’s guidelines are between at 15-35 ppm.  Carbon monoxide can come from additional sources in your home besides your heating equipment, and they should be checked.  These sources include you Water Heater, Gas Range, Gas Logs, Space Heater, Boiler – even an attached garage.

Have your whole home tested for Carbon Monoxide by Freiers - a company certified by National Safety Institute for Carbon Monoxide and Combustion Testing.  Receive a written report on your equipment and home.


Frequently Asked Questions

QUESTION:  I have a CO Alarm in my house, shouldn’t this warn me if there is a problem?


ANSWER: If you purchased your alarm from a store, it will usually only warm you of a life threatening condition.  If you read the fine print on the product’s UL listing, you ‘ll find it offers little protection from children, the elderly, or persons with existing illness or CO sensitivity.


QUESTION:  What level of carbon monoxide can be harmful?


ANSWER: According to the World Health Organization. 15-20 ppm is the first level of CO that can affect us. Levels as low as 30 ppm have been discovered to cause heart problems.  Store CO alarms do not have to activate until they see 70 ppm for 3-1/2 hours.


QUESTION:  What type of alarm should I have then?


ANSWER:  Ask you contractor for a low-level monitor that alerts you at levels beginning at 15 ppm.  Make sure it’s battery operated and visually tells you it’s working 24/7.


QUESTION: Can’t I just call my gas company if I think I have a problem?


ANSWER: Would you call the gas station if you had a problem with your car?  Gas companies are well versed in fuel leaks but their main business is not appliance service and few of them are Certified CO Combustion Analyst. 


QUESTION: How do I know if my contractor is a Certified CO Combustion Analyst?


ANSWER: You can ask to see his NCI wallet card plus you will recognize his level of expertise and ability to explain to you what he is doing.

NSI Monitor Consumer.pdf