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Electrical Options for your home - Intercom

Electrical Division


 Electrical Options for your Home

 Pass & Seymour® Intercom System


At last there’s a home intercom system that offers the functionality and style to meet the needs of today’s homeowners- and the installation ease that works for contractors.  This advanced system provides hands-free whole house intercom communication plus such added capabilities as baby monitoring and door security.


Because it’s designed as part of the P & S Home Network system, the P &S Intercom System can integrate seamlessly with a home’s video, audio and phone network to provide even more functions.  The appearance of the intercom stations is designed to match P & S wiring devices right down to a choice of the most popular colors: white, ivory or P & S light almond.  The result is a handsome, consistent look throughout the home.


Each sleek intercom station features illuminated buttons and comfortable, clearly identified touchpads.

The P & S Intercom System includes four primary components, all linked via Cat 5 cabling:

A Main Consile Unit, which uses LEDs to show all system activity (mute, monitor or in-use).  This unit mounts in a three-gang electrical box and uses a standard, three-gang Decorator-style wall plate.   
A Room Unit, which mounts in a two gang electrical box and uses a two-gang Decorator-style wall plate.   
A weatherproof Door Unit which can be controlled by all indoor stations - available in polished brass, antique brass and white   
An Intercom Module, the hub of the intercom system, which snaps into a P & S Home Network center.  It enables communication with up to 12 rooms and two doors (or 11 rooms and three doors).   
Additional, optional components include:

An Audio Interrupt Module, which can override music playing on a P & S multi-room audio network.  It automatically returns to music after approximately 10 seconds of intercom inactivity.

A 3.5" LCD Color Screen, which interfaces with a P & S closed -circuit video network, creating a videophone at the front door.

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Category 5 Intercom System