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The whole home ventilation system is a centerpiece of today's energy-efficient homes. The Broan HE Series combines the best performance with the best energy efficiency to provide fresh, pure air in your home at a lower overall operating cost. That’s Pure Efficiency.

Pure Savings

Up to 60% less power consumption

The most energy efficient HRVs and ERVs certified by ENERGY STAR®, the HE Series sets new standards in energy efficiency by consuming up to 60% less power than any other HRVs or ERVs certified by ENERGY STAR*.

Pure Fresh Air

High Efficiency Filtration

The Broan HE Series continuously supplies fresh air to your house and exhausts stale air and pollutants that can contribute to poor air quality. This fresh air is filtered using a MERV 6 grade filter to ensure a healthier indoor environment. For households with people suffering from allergies, asthma or other respiratory problems, an optional HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of all dust and particles at 0.3 microns is also offered.

Pure Control

Optimized airflow at your fingertips

At installation, the Broan HE Series interior control panel features electronic balancing and no balancing dampers. Airflow can be customized for full flexibility or simply by using the factory pre-set speeds. What’s more, the Broan HE Series exclusive wall control offers four pre-set ventilation modes and a dehumidistat function. These include smart features that monitor indoor and outdoor conditions to optimize ventilation and home comfort. Plus, an additional "Turbo" function ventilates the home following cooking or activities that momentarily increase humidity levels.

Pure Performance

Highest heat recovery in cold conditions*

The Broan HE Series is designed to manage all climatic conditions in North America. Under cold conditions, the ERV200TE recovers up to 80% of heating at 14oF and the HRV200TE recovers up to 73% at -13oF, giving it hands down the best heat recovery performance in the industry

Pure Confidence

Up to 3 times beyond current ENERGY STAR® requirements**

The HRVs and ERVs in the Broan HE Series meet the strictest standards of ENERGY STAR and set new standards in energy efficiency with a CFM/Watt ratio ranging between 2.9 and 3.6.

HE Series

The HE Series is the ideal whole-house ventilation solution for today’s energy efficient homes. These High Efficiency ventilators combine the best performance in energy recovery, electrical consumption and air filtration.

Models Type Min/max cont. airflow (CFM at 0.2 in. w.g.) Apparent sensible efficiency at 32oF
ERV140TE ERV Energy Recovery Ventilator 40 - 157 73%
HRV160TE HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator 53 - 177 83%
ERV200TE ERV Energy Recovery Ventilator 50 - 226 88%
HRV200TE HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator 50 - 245 85%
ERV250TE ERV Energy Recovery Ventilator 50 - 259 80%
HRV250TE HRV Heat Recovery Ventilator 50 - 271 81%