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In Floor Heating

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The Floor Heating Life

Radiant heat warms objects directly, like floors, people and furniture…the heat is where you are!

  • THE HEAT produced by a radiant floor heating stays in the living space in a home, with a forced air system heat rises to the ceilings and stays there until it cools and falls.
  • THE FLOORS are warm enough to comfortably sit upon. It is like walking on a warm beach without the sand.
  • THE FURNITURE in a radiant heated home can be arranged without worrying about radiator, heat vents and grills. Be as creative as you want; the heat comes from the floors.
  • THE AIR is cleaner as dust and air borne allergens are not blown around the house through forced air ductwork. Allergy sufferers can breathe easier.
  • THE TEMPERATURE is consistent and controlled. Heat is where you are and when you want it. There are no drafts, or hot and cold spots. The heat in your home is even.
  • THE SILENCE is amazing. Few people realize the noise furnaces, fans, plenums or ducts make and echo, until it is gone.

In a forced air system, hot air accumulates at the ceiling and leaves the space near the floor cool. With a HeatLink® Radiant Floor Heating system, heating keeps objects and people in the living space warm.

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In a major study, EU-RAY (European Radiant Heating & Cooling Association), concluded that compared with a variety of low temperature radiator (LTR) combinations, Radiant Floor Heating was:

  • 30% more efficient than LTR with a ground source heat pump
  • 20% more efficient than LTR with an air source heat pump
  • 5-15% more efficient than LTR with a condensing boiler

The type of floor heating installation depends on your project.

It used to be that floor heating was something that could only be installed in new homes, and was usually just put in the basement and run off the hot water heater. Times have changed and now floor heating can be installed in all types of situations.


  • In the floor joists
  • DryAbove or basement floors and sunken living areas.
  • Underneath the floor boards in your unfinished basement or where there are ceiling tiles.
  • Put an extra room above the garage, or turn your deck or balcony into extra indoor living space.


Radiant floor heating is compatible with all types of floor coverings, even hardwood, so you can have the type of floor that you want. With floor heating, your floors can be comfortable all year long. The system maintains a minimum floor temperature during spring and fall when heating may not be required, but warm floors are still desired.